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Like elsewhere, the behavioral healthcare market is considered rewarding in Whitney, Texas. Being the second most populous state in the US, Texas makes for a huge market. Mergers & acquisitions are an important aspect of businesses in addiction treatment and the mental health industry. To help you with business-related issues, Strategique Partners provides support in M&A-related challenges, company development and program development of behavior health businesses in Whitney.

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Addiction and Mental Health Industry M&A Support:

Strategique Partners offers you solutions in a wide range of M&A services for your business goals in Whitney, Texas. We are a team of experts, specializing in buy-side and sell-side mergers and acquisitions. Furthermore, we offer company startup services and operational services for every stage of your behavioral health business.

1) Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions get the greatest amount of attention in business transactions. The same is the case in the mental health and addiction treatment business. However, M&A-related tasks are often complex and involve rigorous market and competitor analysis. Making it easier for you, we provide the following M&A services in your city, Whitney:

Buyer-Side M&A Services:

These services are specifically tailored for those looking to buy a business. We provide you expertise in:

  • Seamless Integrations
  • Strategic M&A Guidance
  • Interest-Oriented Negotiations
  • Sourcing Process to Identify Acquisitions


Seller-Side M&A Services:

When looking to sell a program or a business, finding the ideal deal becomes rather difficult. You need an effective presentation of the value of your business. However, the confidentiality of your information also needs to be ensured. Therefore, the following are the key features of our sell-side M&A services:

  • Confidentiality
  • Marketing and Positioning
  • Valuation Services
  • Deal Structuring
  • Transaction Support

 Finance Valuation:

Finance valuation services include doing thorough business appraisals, comparative sales analyses and valuation of intangible assets. We also negotiate taxes and resolve finance-related disagreements for you.

2. Company Development Services 

You need to devise a good company development strategy to ensure the success of the business you intend to start. We cover all the aspects of the company development stage. We also partner with you to guide you through the program development and program management phases of your behavioral health business.


3. Financial and Real-Estate Services

The success of a new behavioral health business also depends on the location and the right financial resources. Without the right guidance about both these matters, you may jeopardize the success of your business. We extend our financial services and real estate services in Whitney for your behavioral health business.

4. Licensing and Accreditation Services

You need to comply with all the regulations and rules to operate without any hurdles in Texas. Regulatory, licensing and accreditation-related approvals for your behavioral health business are made accessible by Strategique Partners.


5. Digital Marketing

We cover you in terms of online presence, digital marketing and SEO to ensure you remain up-to-date in a changing landscape of marketing and advertising. With our designated team, we optimize your website, run social media campaigns and advertise you across various platforms.

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