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Begin behavioral health business consultancy under our unmatched capabilities and
hardcore leadership who guarantee your excellence in every way out!

Welcome to Strategique Partners!

Expert Behavioral Health M&A Consultants Providing Tailored Solutions to Your Rehab Business Startups.

Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

Navigating the complex behavioral health M&A advisory environment under seasoned business experts securing potential deals.

Behavioral Health Business Valuation

Conducting an in-depth analysis of businesses available for sale or buying to secure your investment goals.

Operational & Legal Analysis

Our approach involves meticulously examining various industry-specific factors, including revenue streams, patient demographics, treatment modalities, regulatory landscapes, and competitive positioning.

Meet Our Team

Ryan Kaczka

Ryan is the CEO of Strategique Partners and a professional behavioral health business expert specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions of addiction and mental rehabs. Being a real-time owner of the behavioral health industry and business advisor, Ryan has years of leadership qualities and managerial expertise driving your behavioral health business to new heights of success.

Julie Kniceley

Julie is a passionate financial analyst and behavioral health business advisor with years of experience running and managing the behavioral health industry, including addiction and mental rehab. Julie's analytical insight into the financial aspects of any behavioral health business brings a unique perspective to the table. Julie's skills suit your behavioral health business startup and financial success.

What Sets Us Apart?


Visionary mindsets, always looking for innovative ideas to excel in the competitive and Highly Delicate Market of rehabs.


Incorporating and adapting up-to-date tools and techniques to enhance brand visibility and lead generation.

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If you need M&A advisory or are looking to start a new rehab industry, you can always seek our well-versed advisors to ignite behavioral health business growth.

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