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Seattle, Washington has been adjudged the best city for business by Forbes many times in the recent past. In the years 2018 and 2019, it was given the title of being the most business-friendly city for two consecutive years. The reasons are an affluent market, an educated workforce and a good consumer population. This offers a huge opportunity for behavioral health businesses. However, businesses often rely on expert guidance from seasoned professionals to ensure success. Strategique Partners is a behavioral health business expert offering its services in Seattle, WA.

We will give you a detailed overview of our services in Seattle in the following lines.


1. Behavioral Health Mergers and Acquisitions

In Seattle, our primary focus is on mergers and acquisitions opportunities and consultation services about them. Whether you are looking to buy or planning to sell your business or simply need assistance in finance valuation, we get you to the right options. Under M&A services, we provide you:


M&A Consultation Services

Our consultancy service connects you with experts in the behavioral health industry. Our consultants keep track of the mergers and acquisitions landscape across Seattle to bring you the best advice through our M&A consulting service.


Buy-Side M&A Advisory

Strategique Partners’ buy-Side M&A services bring you the ideal M&A buying options, end-to-end services, negotiation expertise and a thorough sourcing process with complete impartiality and secrecy. We make the choice easier for you, which we know is difficult as there can be a multitude of lucrative options and all are never ideal for you.


Sell-Side M&A Advisory

We support you through the sales journey to help you achieve your desired outcomes with our sell-side M&A services. We offer finance valuing, branding, negotiating and deal structuring services, all with complete protection of your sensitive information. We make sure you are well-positioned and advertised to get good offers for your selling option. 


Market Research and Finance Valuation: 

Finance valuation and market research are crucial in understanding the need for your services, and where your business stands financially. It includes comparative sales analyses and valuation of intangible assets as well. Negotiation of taxes and resolution of finance-related disputes are a part of these services.

2. Company Development

Strategique Partners makes it easier for you to open a behavioral health business in Seattle through its company development services. Our services extend to the following as well:


Program Development

We partner with you to guide you through various stages of program development, from ideation to manning your firm with trained staff. You can be an established company with a vision of starting a new program or a company building from scratch, we cater to your specific needs.


Program Management

Our experience in the behavioral health industry makes us experts in overseeing, managing and executing business programs with the best program management services tailored to Seattle’s local demands and market landscape.

3. Operational Services

Day-to-day operations for addiction treatment facilities are the aspects in which you win over the opinion of your customers. We are a team of professionals who believe in good operational management. Our operational services include:



Realizing the value of testaments in the health sector, we offer you documentation assistance and site visit preparation services for accreditations.



Approvals and licensing on a local level in your city are the most important and difficult parts of running a successful business legally. We, with our licensing and regulatory solutions, accompany you at every stage of your business. 


Outcome Management

We help you track your data, manage the outcomes, and forecast the results. We are placed more conveniently to manage the outcomes today. Therefore, we give you leverage of our data tracking and outcome management services.


4. Digital Marketing and SEO

Most important of all in today’s world is a good online reputation management system. Our expert team builds your brand online through our tailored marketing and SEO services. You can go with one of the finest niche-specific digital marketing & SEO services in Seattle with us.


5. Real-Estate Related Services

The success of a new behavioral health venture depends more on its location than on any other factor. Therefore, allocating a good amount towards the location and the property you select is very important. The question arises as to how you will know the demand for your services in particular areas of Seattle. This is where experts like Strategique Partners offer you help with real-estate services.

You can seek help from our M&A experts in Seattle, WA by contacting us here.

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