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Portland is the largest city in Oregon and fairly popular for its ecofriendliness with two rivers and the famous ice-capped mountain, Mount Hood. From this, one would naturally think a state like Oregon and a city like Portland will have fewer people having mental issues. However, it is far from the truth. The ratio is higher than the overall ratio for the US. During 2023, 35.3% of adults in Oregon reported symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder, compared to 32.3% of adults in the U.S. This asks for more service providers in the behavioral health sector of Oregon and its largest city. Strategique Partners is striving to provide its help to newer and established behavioral health businesses in Portland. 

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How We Help Portland-based Behavioral Health Businesses?

Strategique Partners strives to help you in the following aspects of behavioral health business:

  1. Setting up new facilities
  2. Adding new programs
  3. Merging or acquiring other businesses
  4. Fulfilling regulatory requirements
  5. Promoting and Advertising through new tools

Our vision is to provide you with a transformative business consultancy platform in your city so that you can partner with us in growing your business. Portland is a market with significant growth potential. Understanding the business needs, we came forward with a set of very useful services that you can leverage.


Our Services

In Portland, we offer all of our services with an experienced team to achieve your business goals and to give you advice that is in your interest. Here we have enlisted and introduced our services to you:

M&A-Related Services

As far as mergers and acquisitions are concerned, we have got buy-side M&A advisory as well as sell-side M&A guidance for you. These services make your journey of selling or acquiring new businesses easier. We make impartial financial evaluations to guide you properly about a potential buying option or to make your business sellable to other buyers. In terms of mergers and acquisitions, we also provide:

  • M&A Consultation: You can get useful guidance about mergers and acquisitions if you are interested but unclear about them. Our M&A consultation services are specifically designed for this specific need of clients.

Market Research and Finance Valuation: Finance valuation services include doing thorough market research, business appraisals, comparative sales analyses and valuation of intangible assets. We also negotiate taxes and resolve finance-related disagreements for you.


Company Development

Through its company development services, Strategique Partners offers you to extend and develop your business further. It is very basic to sustain your business. Development ensures the sustainability of your business. Our company development program includes program development as well as program management. This is how we help you build on your established business and extend your services. 



Staff is the cornerstone of any business. It is a requirement to have skilled and trained medical and management staff in behavioral health businesses to be successful. A qualified team translates a company’s vision and guides the business’s journey. Our staffing services help you get the ideal staff in Portland which is trained in behavioral health treatments and within your budget.



Our accreditation support involves acquiring testaments and certification from world-renowned accrediting agencies in the healthcare industry such as The Joint Commission and CARF. We focus on preparing you for site audits from experts to adjudge your business. We also help you out with documentations. 


Licensure and regulatory compliance are indispensable. Without getting your business legally authorized, you can operate in the healthcare sector. Therefore, you need to take care of the licensing while opening your business. It can be difficult to take care of all federal-level licensing and zoning laws. Therefore, with our licensing and regulatory support, we accompany you at every stage of your licensing. 


Data tracking & Outcome Management

To better plan and understand your business’s performance, you can keep track of performance metrics and learn which aspect of your business requires improvement. Our data tracking & outcome management services empower you in the matters of your business and its performance.



Strategique Partners also offers tailored billing services to get your bills cleared quickly. We believe that it is capital that fuels any business. If compensations for a service provided are delayed, the business can face difficulties. Therefore, we quicken your billing process by clearing your payments from external sources.


Financial and Real Estate Service

Whether finding the right investors or searching for the best location in Portland, Strategique Partners always tries to bring exciting options through financial services like financing and real estate services. Both are very crucial to a business’s success. We realise this at Strategique Partners.


Digital Marketing & SEO

We take care of online presence, brand building and brand awareness through our digital marketing and SEO support. It is done to ensure that your marketing strategy remains up-to-date in a changing landscape of marketing and advertising. With our designated team, we optimize your website, advertise your brand from various platforms, handle your social media and help you be found online. 


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