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Memphis has a central location, making it a good distribution center, with a large cargo airport, inland river ports, extensive highways and railroads. Additionally, it is a major cotton market. It is an important manufacturing hub of medical, electronics and paper products. With a population of 621,056 (2022), it is the second most populous city in Tennessee after Nashville. It offers a very ideal environment for behavioral health businesses. To encourage more awareness about mental health and substance abuse by helping service providers, Strategique Partners brings well-devised expert services for behavioral health businesses in Memphis, TN.  

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Strategique Partners’ Services in Memphis, TN

Strategique Partners has designed services in a way to suit your local market without overseeing the insights from the international market. From services development to marketing your brand, we update you and ourselves to ensure you follow the best practices in the field. Following is a summary of all the services we offer here:

1. Mergers and Acquisition-Related Services

Memphis’s behavioral health market is rife with opportunities that can help you boost your finances. Some businesses look to buy new businesses and some look to sell. This initiates a good mechanism of mergers and acquisitions. Therefore, we bring you specialized mergers and acquisitions services. 


The key feature of these services is that we prioritize your financial interest and sustainability. Building on that, we do market assessments in a way that compliments your interests. Our M&A services include:

  1. Buy-Side M&A Services
  2. Sell-Side M&A Services 
  3. M&A Consultation Services
  4. Market Research and Financial Valuation     

2. Licensing and Accreditation Services

The biggest hurdle in opening a behavioral health business is acquiring licenses and accreditations for it. You are mostly asked to fulfill strict criteria as you operate in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, consumers only trust you when you are certified by accreditations. We understand this. Therefore, we offer assistance for application, documentation and site visit preparation for licenses, certifications and accreditation through our accreditations, licensing and regulatory solutions.

3. Company Development

Strategique Partners provides help in starting a new behavioral health business through its company development services. Our services extend to the following as well:

Program Development

We encourage you to extend your services in your established businesses with our program development, which helps you with business ideation and staffing your firm with trained staff.

Program Management

Our experience in the behavioral health industry makes us experts in overseeing, managing and executing business programs with the best program management services tailored to Memphis, TN’s local market.


4. Digital Marketing

Online presence and image building are key to a business’s success in our digital world. We help you make use of digital reach with our digital marketing and SEO. It will ensure that you remain up-to-date in the ever-changing landscape of marketing and advertising. We get your website optimized for ranking high on search engine result pages. We also run social media campaigns and advertise you across various platforms.

5. Operational Services

Your company’s success largely depends upon your day-to-day affairs and how you conduct your operations. Therefore, Strategique Partners believe in good operational management. Our operational services include:


Assistance in getting your bills cleared from various insurance and other external streams is of great significance in the healthcare industry. We understand how much difficulty it gets in case your payments are delayed.  For this very reason, we provide you with complete billing support.

Data Tracking and Outcome Management

We help you track your data, manage the outcomes, and forecast the results. We are placed more conveniently to manage the outcomes. Therefore, we give you the leverage of our data tracking and outcome management services.

6. Company Startup

We encourage new startups in the behavioral health market of Memphis. There is enough room for them. However, you must seek the right guidance from the right sources in opening up a new business. Otherwise, you always run the risk of ending up making the wrong decision. Our company startup services in Memphis, TN keep you from making faulty decisions while starting your business. The services include:

  1. Market Research & Feasibility
  2. Preparations to Launch 
  3. Turn-Key Solutions


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