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Being the most populous city in North Carolina, Charlotte offers a very healthy environment for new startups in various market niches. Behavioral health sector is one with the most opportunities due to a general increase in awareness about addiction and mental health. Businesses offer themselves for merging and acquiring in the city. With such a market landscape, it becomes the need of the hour to cash in on this. However, there may be some hurdles in starting up, merging or expanding within Charlotte. It is to eradicate these issues and encourage the influx of capital in the treatment of addiction and mental health that we offer ourselves as experts in the business. At Strategique Partners, we focus on easing you into this market. 


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We will give you a detailed overview of our services in Charlotte, NC in the following lines.



1. Behavioral Health Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions opportunities are an indication of an affluent market. Charlotte in this regard is a market with excellent opportunities. Realizing this, we focus on bringing the best opportunities your way to merge and acquire. Whether you are looking to buy or planning to sell your business or simply need assistance in finance valuation, we get you the right options. Our M&A services include:

M&A Consultation Services

Our consultancy services bring you the best advice from experts in the behavioral health industry. Experts keep track of the mergers and acquisitions landscape across Charlotte, NC and the changing market trends. Therefore, they are well suited to benefit you. You can learn more about our M&A consulting service

Buy-Side M&A Advisory

Buy-Side M&A services provided by Strategique Partners focus on bringing you the ideal M&A buying options, end-to-end services, negotiation expertise and a thorough sourcing process with complete impartiality and secrecy. It helps in making your choice easier, which we know is difficult as there can be a multitude of lucrative options and all are never ideal for you.

Sell-Side M&A Advisory

Sell-side M&A services in Charlotte introduce you to options for selling and provide you with comprehensive guidance about them. The features of sell-side M&A advisory are the following:

  1. Finance Valuing 
  2. Branding
  3. Negotiating 
  4. Deal Structuring
  5. Complete Protection of Your Sensitive Information. 

We make sure you are well-positioned and advertised to get good offers for your selling option. 

Market Research: 

Market research is foundational in starting a business. It is important to gauge whether your business is feasible in that market or not. It is also necessary to know if your services are needed. It includes comparative sales analyses and valuation of intangible assets as well. Research is very important to know the market and where to get that better other than experts sitting on the vantage point of the market. Strategique Partners is a reliable option in terms of feasibility reports.


2. Company Development

An established business needs sustainability to function and sustainability comes from developing your business with the help of your profits. We help you develop a behavioral health business in Charlotte, NC through our company development services. Our services extend to the following as well:

Program Development

Various stages of program development from business ideation to manning your firm with trained staff require great contemplation for a business owner. As a business, you may be at the early stages or a very profitable one, you will feel the need to expand once you become successful. This is why you will need program development services. 

Program Management

We also have expertise in overseeing, managing and executing business programs with the best program management services tailored to Charlotte’s local demands and market landscape. Managing



3. Operational Services

Day-to-day operations for addiction treatment facilities are the aspects in which you win over the opinion of your customers. We are a team of professionals who believe in good operational management. Our operational services include:


Accreditations from bodies like CARF and the Joint Commission will help you build trust among your clients. Realizing the value of testaments in the health sector, we offer you documentation assistance and site visit preparation services for accreditations.


Licensing on federal and local levels in your city is the most important and difficult part of running a successful business. There are other zoning laws that you need to take care of. We, with our licensing and regulatory solutions, accompany you at every stage of your business. 

Outcome Management

We help you track your data, manage the outcomes, and forecast the results. We are placed more conveniently to manage the outcomes today. Therefore, we give you leverage of our data tracking and outcome management services.

4. Digital Marketing and SEO

A good online reputation management system is primary to your success, especially in a world that is as digital as ours. Our expertise is in building your brand online through our tailored marketing, SEO services, website optimization and social media management. You can go with one of the finest niche-specific digital marketing & SEO services in Charlotte, NC with us.

5. Real-Estate Related Services

The success of a new behavioral health venture depends more on its location than on any other factor. Therefore, allocating a good amount towards the location and the property you select is very important. The question arises as to how you will know the demand for your services in particular areas of Charlotte, NC. This is where experts like Strategique Partners offer you help with real estate services.


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