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Since Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland and neighbours Washington, it becomes the economic centre of the state as well as the economic hub of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. The behavioral health sector is also flourishing in Baltimore with the help of enhanced awareness about issues like mental health and substance abuse and addiction. However, having said this, there is a huge challenge to the market for behavioral businesses in Baltimore. It is due to these hurdles, that people do not see behavioral health sector of Baltimore as the first choice to invest. Viewing this, Strategique Partners, a behavioral health business expert, encourages by making the business easier with some of the most indispensable service offerings. Here we will see how Strategique Partners helps firms in Baltimore. 


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Our Services:

Strategique Partners offers services to new as well as established behavioral health businesses. Our services help you with startup, the extension of services, locating strategically, development of the team and day-to-day functioning. All these services are tailored to the local needs of businesses in Baltimore. Therefore, you can trust the market and easily focus on opening your behavioral health business in Baltimore with our help. 


1. Company Development

When planning to grow further, a behavioural health business will develop new services to increase the intake of clients. This development at the company level is taken care of by our company development services. Furthermore, we also bring program development and program management services to help you introduce new levels of care and manage them in your rehab center, addiction treatment facility and mental health therapy center. 


2. Financial Services

It is imperative for every business to look after its financial needs. Financial planning is a must. Financial aspects of a business include financing, planning expenditures, financial auditing and accountkeeping. A successful business keeps its finances well managed. To ensure that the financial aspect of your business is managed well alongside your operations, you will require an expert’s help. We offer you comprehensive financial services which include financing, and financial valuation.


3. Real-Estate Services

Our real estate services to Baltimore’s behavioral health businesses guide them in locating themselves strategically and as per the market demand for their services. Demographics and locale matter a lot in the case of particular services. It is very important to choose a place keeping in mind your services and demand for them. It is difficult for someone who has just ventured into the industry to know about the particular demand of an area in Baltimore. Experts in our team keep surveying all the localities of the city to gauge which business will work in which place. 


4. Company Startup:

Companies starting from scratch require help from an experienced lot in this sector. They can learn from experts in Strategique Partners . New startups require guidance at almost all stages of their business. Our company startup services include:



5. Digital Marketing

Online brand identity and digital marketing your brand are need of the hour today. We cover you in terms of online presence, digital marketing and SEO to ensure you remain up-to-date in a changing landscape of marketing and advertising. With our designated team, we optimize your website, run social media campaigns and advertise you across various platforms.


6. Licensing and Accreditation Services

Licensing and accreditation are foremost for any behavioral health business. You need to comply with all the regulations and rules to operate without any hurdles in healthcare market. Regulatory, licensing and accreditation-related approvals for your behavioral health business are made accessible by Strategique Partners.


7. Behavioral Health Mergers and Acquisitions

An affluent market is characterised by great market mobility and emerging opportunities. The behavioral health market in your city also offers new opportunities for merger and acquisitions every day. We lend our consultancy services in mergers and acquisitions in Baltimore. We keep track of newer opportunities in a market that is so rife with possibilities. Whether you are looking to buy or planning to sell your business, we get you to the right options and ensure that your decision is easier. Under M&A services, we provide you:

  1. Buy-Side M&A Services
  2. Sell-Side M&A Services 
  3. M&A Consultation Services
  4. Market Research and Financial Valuation


8. Operations:

Daily management of the services decides how your business runs. For smooth activity and operations, a business is required to look after various aspects. These are the daily operational needs of a behavioral health business that Strategique Partners offers its services for:

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