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Austin is the capital of the US state of Texas with a population paralleled by none in Travis County. Overall it is the 10th most populous city in the US. It offers a very opportune ground for businesses in general. Specifically, in the case of the behavioral health sector, the situation is very encouraging for businesses to fill the gap. The rate of unintentional drug overdose in Austin is higher than that of the rest of Texas. This underscores the need for service providers in this sector. However, actual encouragement can be granted from experts in the sector that help them open up drug rehab centers and counseling agencies. Realizing this, Strategique Partners extends its services to businesses in Austin.


Strategique Partners in Austin: An Introduction

Strategique Partners is here to help behavioral businesses merge and acquire, set up a company, develop services for companies, and introduce financing opportunities to them. We envision making behavioral health businesses easier to trade and initiate. We prefer that you do well monetarily alongside championing a noble cause in your city. Our services include:

1. Operational Services

Our operational services are designed in such a way that the daily affairs of behavioral health businesses can become easy for you. From getting you compensation for your services to evaluating your progress, we extend our help to you in diverse fields. These services take care of the following aspects of your operations:

2. Digital Marketing and SEO

We understand the digital expectations of clients and the need for a good reputation for businesses online. Our digital marketing & SEO in Austin, TX help you become visible online. We bring you:

3. Real-Estate Related Services

You should locate yourself strategically and choose a property which has all the relevant facilities. Businesses must avoid faulty positioning as per the demand for services. To ensure this, we find you a strategic location for your business in Austin with our real-estate services. We make proper assessments to check the demand for your services in various parts of the city. We base all our consultancy on market research.

4. M&A-Related Services

Concerning mergers and acquisitions in Austin, we bring you both buy-side M&A advisory and sell-side M&A guidance. These services make your journey of selling or acquiring new businesses easier. We make impartial financial evaluations to guide you properly about a potential buying option or to make your business sellable to other buyers. In terms of mergers and acquisitions, we also provide:

  • M&A Consultation: You can get useful guidance about mergers and acquisitions if you are interested but need clarification. Our M&A consultation services are specifically designed for this specific need of clients.
  • Market Research and Finance Valuation: Finance valuation services include doing thorough market research, business appraisals, comparative sales analyses and valuation of intangible assets. We also negotiate taxes and resolve finance-related disagreements for you.


5. Company Startup

If you decide to initiate a behavioral health business in Austin, we solve a host of complications that you can face. Companies need assistance in running tests before launching. New startups require guidance at almost all stages of their business. Our company startup services include the following variegated services: 

  1. Market Research & Feasibility
  2. Preparing to Launch
  3. Turn-Key Solutions

6. Company Development

Company development services allow you to grow your company further to be sustainable. In our company development support, we also offer various program development and program management services. All these services help you take your company to new heights.

You can seek help from our M&A experts in Austin, TX by contacting us here.

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